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A boutique perennial plant nursery and landscape design service based near Auckland.

Creating beautiful and effective outdoor environments


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To help clients achieve balance in their life by creating havens in which to escape and unwind. 


By being surrounded by a beautiful natural environment we are revitalized and invigorated to preform our very best in life. Have you ever felt really run down and gone for a walk in the bush or along the beach and instantly felt a surge of new energy. Why not surround yourself at home, work, in your community with natures bounty. Life is busy and we all have different passions to follow and often we forget how to relax. We look around us at wooden fences, road surfaces, house and building roofs and feel hemmed in and stressed by all the hard features and noise. We have lost our connection to Nature and often our zest for life. We can help. Easy fix. Get your gardens growing, bring back Nature. Soften the edges. Create your own oasis or a whole community haven.

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