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We design thoughtful, livable outdoor spaces!

Every client has different needs and desires. We specialize in offering tailor made designs not runoff the mill generic landscaping. If you want something special that you love, come to us.

As a designer for residential home gardens. We work with you to produce an outdoor environment that works for you and is in keeping with your way of life, be it Lifestyle block, small residential section, a new garden or the renovation of an old garden. Bringing your style and taste into the garden creating a space that is essentially yours.

We are skilled at enhancing and bringing to life your ideal outdoor environment.

Being design only you can choose whether it your-self (DIY) in your own time, or get in a Landscape contractor to do some or all of the work. We can assist with the facilitation of the project to make sure that the design brief is followed and construction is to a high standard.

We have travelled the country and the Pacific to engage with clients who wish to contract our services. Working alongside builders, engineers, developers and architects on commercial as well as residential assignments, assisting them to design landscapes that are functional, aesthetically attractive and environmentally sustainable.


Some of our latest Projects...

  • What do design services include?
    Initial consultation with you (owner) to discuss site development including a detailed design brief. Cost $175.00 reminbersed if you go ahead with the full service. Site analysis, measurement, photographs as necessary, and development of base plan( Survey plan). Development of hardscape, showing possibilities for site development. Discussion and approval of hardscape via phone, fax, email or post. Development of conceptual planting scheme. Preparation of a preliminary conceptual plan, which will be presented to you at your home. Changes to the design will be discussed and agreed. Preparation of the final master plan, which will be based on the preliminary plan plus agreed upon changes. The preliminary plan will be retained by the designer. A third meeting with you to present the final plan and supporting documents. Discussions with Contractors or Yourself/selves regarding the installation of the design by telephone, fax, letter or email. On-site discussions or consultations regarding installation of the design will be charged at the Designers hourly rate, unless Designer has been retained by Owner as the Project Facilitator, in which case the terms of Project Facilitation Contract will apply.
  • Why engage a professional, independent landscape designer?"
    I know how to get the most from your property for the least cost and the least hassle. I design economically without sacrificing function, style and interest. A full set of design plans enable you to ‘shop around’ for the most suitable contractor for the job. When it comes to building your new garden all contractors and suppliers will be quoting off the same plans. You will be able to get a fixed price for the job and avoid disagreements about price once the garden is completed. Quotations for building new gardens can vary by as much as 50% or more, and not all contractors are equally skilled. Landscape companies often charge more for a job when building plans are not available, and there is a greater chance of them building a garden you don’t like. Increased charges cover them against financial loss arising for misunderstandings with the client about the work that needs to be done, Design plans tell the contactor exactly what the job entails and he/she would have quoted accordingly. If you are a DIYer you will be able to build your new garden for at least half of the price a contractor would charge. Design plans with additional construction drawings give you all the necessary working drawings to build your own garden and save. If the landscaping project is going to be carried out over several years design plans ensure continuity. Once completed, all parts of the garden will fit together harmoniously. Because I, as an experienced professional designer, have designed your garden you know it will be attractive and functional, designed to meet the demands of your own unique way of life. All elements of the new garden will be as you expect them to be- there won’t be any costly mistakes that need to be ripped out and rebuilt. The planting plan is carefully composed to take into account soil type and climatic conditions, and reduce garden maintenance. Expensive plant losses and time- consuming garden chores are avoided when you have a detailed planting plan that utilizes suitable and attractive plants. As an independent designer I work for you alone, not for a plant supplier, not for a landscaping company. I am not interested in selling you plants, decks of paving. My only agenda is to design a garden that specifically suits your needs and desires. As your designer I am the best person to facilitate the installation of your new garden should you choose to use my project Facilitation service. This ensures that your new garden is installed exactly as designed.
  • What does landscaping cost?
    Every property is different, so are the requirements of the owners. But based on past experience ‘ball-park’ figures can be calculated. It would be reasonable to allow at least $75 to $100 per square meter for landscaping work not including planting, and $100 to $150 per square meter for all landscaping work including planting. Site clearing and major retaining or earthworks will further add to the cost. From experience most ‘full site’ residential landscape installations cost between $40,000 and $80,000.
  • How does the design process work?
    Once the contract is signed, and deposit paid, we will spend about 2 hours developing the Design Brief. I will ask you all sorts of questions about your lifestyle, practical and recreational requirements, garden style, and level of maintenance and budget constraints. We will discuss what you want and need in your garden, and what sort of plants you like and dislike. By the time we have finished I will have an excellent idea of the type o garden that will suit you. To make this process easier it is useful to make a list of things you want to talk about and maybe have some cuttings form magazines ready. The next step for me is the Site Survey. On a fine day I will arrive with an assistant to measure your site, record levels and generally do a stock-take of existing conditions and features. In under a month I will have a design for you to look at. This will be presented at your home and you can suggest changes. Once you are satisfied with the design I will go ahead and produce the final set of plans, drawings and accompanying documentation. On delivery of the completed plans you may wish to discuss the possibility of Project Facilitation, whereby I will, on your behalf, seek tender for the work and inspect and advise as the work progresses. The service is entirely optional, And additional to the design service. Any time after you have received the final plans you can contact me, free of charge, by telephone, email or fax, or visit my office to discuss any aspect of the plans or the implementation of the design. I will also accept calls from any contractors that you have hired to build the garden. If you, or your contractor, require me to make a site visit then my normal hourly rate will be charged. If you have contracted me for Project Facilitation than the terms of that contract will apply.
  • Terms of payment are...
    A deposit is required before any design services begin. A second payment will be due and payable upon presentation and acceptance of the draft Concept Plan. This payment will be equal to one half of the balance of the remaining fee. The final payment shall be due and payable upon delivery of the final design plan. This payment will be the balance of the total fee.
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