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Residential Garden - Contemporary style
Simple/Low maintenance

Nelson - New Zealand

To design a simple, clean and tidy, low maintence garden with plenty of lawn for the kids to play. Worked with the builder to design hard landscape aspects, steps, pathways and a pergola in pool area. Sourced the plants and organized planting. 


Challenging clay bank

Tasman - Nelson Bays

To improve access to the proposed “work pod” positioned on a steep Slope and assist with ideas for retaining and drainage of water from area, to Halt water flowing over the back door pathways and courtyard. To select plants that will thrive on the clay bank and cover the ground and crowd out weed species and create an attractive garden. 


Residential Compound - Subtropical Paradise

Honiara - Solomon Islands

To design and plant an outdoor area with access ways to connect the individual houses to the carpark area and shared pool complex, however screen the individual houses from each other to allow for some privacy. Facilitated project-Designed garden areas, propagated, grew, sourced plants and assisted with the planting all garden and lawn area. Trained garden and grounds staff to maintain the outdoor area to a high standard with limited ongoing supervision. 


Commercial - ANZ Bank

Honiara - Solomon Islands

To work with builder to create garden areas which are easy care, and hardwearing, but attractively soften the hard landscape edges and enhance the building’s environs. Designed the planting plan. Project facilitated the installation of the gardens and trained gardeners to maintain gardens into the imminent future. 


Backyard Refurbishment

Honiara -Solomon Islands

Designed new pool entertainment area to give one flat surface area for the safety of children playing and ease of entertaining large numbers of guests. i.e removed step. Redesigned gazebo for outdoor entertaining, Improved access to area. Designed a new timber walkway to access area and new planting to enhance the environment. Assisted with the supervision of build, purchasing of plants and supervised planting.


Residential Compound - New Landscaping

Honiara - Solomon Islands

To create smart gardens for each individual house which will in turn encourage potential clients to rent the properties as they look cared for and inviting. Assisted with plant placement and planting and sourcing of the plants.



38 Hull Road, Waiuku 2682, Auckland

email rebecca@korugardens.nz  phone 022 319 8081