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Last orders for plants

We close this week on 18th of December and reopen on the 7th of January. You are welcome to place orders over this period but deliveries will not be going out again until Monday 11th of January. If you would like to visit to pick up last minute plants for your garden please give me a call. Ph 022 3198081. Otherwise, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year period. Lets hope we get some rain so we do not spend the whole summer on the end of a hose! I have just taken a moment to enjoy the garden and Nursery in full flower. Gladiolus papilio, Dahlia ?, Salvia verticulata, Daylily?, Penstemon 'Rosa Belton', Dietes bicolor. I inherited the ? in the garden. If anyone would knows what cultivars they are, please let me know. They are so lovely I had to share the photos. Cheers to you all and thanks to my customers for supporting me over the past year.


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