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Late winter flowers for your garden

Spring bulbs are up and looking lovely in the garden. I always think they come earlier each year. But maybe it is just that I am not ready again for spring! We are currently building a shade house with bench's( to save the back) , We had a couple blow down with all this wind. A blessing in disguise, It will make the job a lot easier. Useful having a builder husband, I am very grateful. In flower now are the following perennials which are available on our website to purchase along with full descriptions and growing conditions.

Spiloxene capensis'Alba'(Pauridia), Spiloxene capensis(Glowing highlights of sunshine), Muscari negletum(Grape Hyacinth, a favorite for the spring cottage/country garden), Romulea pratensis(Rare), Ipheion uniflorum 'Album', Ipheion uniflorum,(Flowers for months over winter spring), Pulmoneria 'Raspberry splash'(Best Pulmoneria doer in the shade),Narcissus bulbocodium(Petticoat Daffodil- a delightful old fashioned daffodil with golden hoops which is about to flower)



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