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Adding Height to a garden border

Tall wispy grasses, dainty dancing flowers dancing in the breeze gives romance and movement to the garden. We have a lots of taller perennial's which are unavailable in most garden centres. Tall perennials add extra an dimension or layer to help frame a view or a disguise a fence line. Perennials adding seasonal variation and colour. Listed below are some of the taller plants that we currently have on offer. More plants coming on line in the spring............

Iris Bernies Blue- A real show stopper and free flowering Iris, for spring flowering adding vertical height.

Ornithogalum longibrateatum -Pregnant Onion. Indoor or outdoor unusual and interesting bulb which produces lots of small bulb-lets and a long stemmed scent florescent. Frost tender but OK with the shelter of trees.

Salvia involucrata'Bethellii-Roseleaf sage. Unusual flower in the Autumn. Looks great with Salvia Leucantha

Aster Novi-Belgii-New York Aster- A main stay of the late summer/Autumn garden. Carefree and a very pretty blue.

Drought tolerant once established. Great cut flower.

Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus'- Showy ornamental grass which can be used as hedge or on its own as an accent in a garden.

Galtonia candicans-Summer Hyacinth-Scented white flowers on this spectacular tall bulb.

Liatris spicata- Blazing star- For tall vertical element you can not go past Liatris. Bees and Butterfly's also love the flowers though out the summer.

SolidagoxHybrida'Colin'-Golden Rod- Brilliant plumes of billowing sunshine to add to the Autumn garden. Also loved by bees and butterfly's.


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