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A touch of the Blue's

There is nothing like blue shades in the garden to create a calm cool feel to a flowering border. A place to chill. Oh how this is needed at the present time and is Especially valued over the hot summer months. Paired with white for a restful feel. Pair with yellow and reds to tone down a hot scheme. Just don't mix to many different tones of blue together, as it will become muted.

Please find following a selection of blue flowering plants from our Nursery. Iris virginica ( Pond edge or moist border), Eryngium plantum ( Sea Holly, for Hot sunny spot), Stokesia laevis( pretty for front of border), Iris 'Bernies Blue'( a stunner with yellow Irises), Sisyrinchium striatum( fantastic ground cover for hot, sunny spot) ,Aster Novi Belgii( summer though to Autumn daisy like blooms) Gelasine elongata,Scilla litardierei.

For more details of Blue flowering plants visit out online store.


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